Here at Kaejin Foods, we are devoted to producing fresh and hygienic chicken and strive to grow into a company that commits itself to the development of the meat industry and the health of the people.
In a rapidly changing era, we are focusing our abilities to create new dietary cultures and to pursue customer satisfaction.

Also, in order to become a company that is trusted by its customers, we have developed into a systematized business by unifying our farming, slaughtering, processing and distributing systems. In 2012, we have extended our latest slaughtering facility and completed construction of the processing plant, acquiring heightened levels of efficiency and competitiveness.

In order to ensure food hygiene and safety along with efficient and scientific product management, we have acquired HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification in 2011 and promise to grow into a company that provides satisfaction to our customers through safe food products.
Also, we will further pursue customer-satisfaction-oriented management through environment-friendly management and high quality products.