Systematized Business

From the farm to our tables, we can trust Kaejin Foods.
Excellent breeds are selected to be hygienically managed and breeding environments are improved.
Excellent management programs are implemented to achieve high productivity levels.

World renowned Dutch STORK slaughtering equipment has been introduced, allowing for the operation of a slaughterhouse that is capable of handling 160,000 chickens daily.
With the automation of the entire processing system and the introduction of the first domestic automated gutting system (Nu-Tech system), internal organs and any foreign materials in the process are hygienically removed.

To maintain the quality of chicken and improve safety, scientific and efficient processing is conducted in designated plants with international hygiene control standards (HACCP).
Additionally, clean fresh meat and various processed meat is produced through our state-of-the-art automated facilities and strict quality controls.
In 2012, we have extended our latest slaughtering facility and completed construction of the processing plant, acquiring heightened levels of efficiency and competitiveness. Kaejin continues to develop to this day.

Kaejin Foods has secured various supply channels including franchises, schools, conglomerates, marts and traditional markets.
With the best production facilities, a hygienic refrigeration logistics system is maintained from slaughtering to delivery and through the Cold-Chain System, fresh and safe products are promptly supplied to the customers including chicken specialty stores, large discount stores, direct management stores and retail stores.